Giving myself inner space.

Kiss from Grace

I don’t know how it will come out what I try to share; it is not about mind-things, but an attempt to point to a subtle difference, a little twist in consciousness that makes all the difference:

Being kissed by Grace is not something we do, but a gift unasked for. It is most precious, and may seem fleeting, but it has deep impact, if we take it to heart.

A friend recently replied:
“I don’t know if I want to come out of the story-world”.

What I want to share here is not a yes or a no, a this or a that, but a precious pause to debunk unhappiness and the person’s frantic way of operating… what we call “me” and belief to be real.

I’ll try a table to discover the difference in attitude, the different modes in consciousness… it is not something to “do”, but to “be” effortlessly aware:

MeI am
I am dependent on thinking and feeling.I am aware of thoughts and feeling from a place of quiet joy.
Life is a problem to be solved.Life is a mystery to be lived.
“Me” is all I know and have.“I am” unburdened by “me”.
I am a someone bound to time and space, with a past and a future.I am, beyond doubt, but what I am I cannot put into words.
I buy myself a kiss.Nothing is missing, now.
Attention, interest, belief, identity.Comfortable with paradoxes:
I am fully present in my own absence.
“Man, whose breath is in his nostrils.”A child of God/Life, guided and supported by/as Awareness.
Making-sense, determined (willful).Gentle, empty, open, available.

All of this as a playful draft, not an instruction to change anything, but to dis-cover the gift of this moment, before time and space.

It may sound wishy-washy, naive, impractical.

How to transition from a personal “me” to the presence “I am”?
Again, it is not a doing, but an understanding:

“Know the truth and the truth sets you free.”

“Just be still and know I am.”

Yada yada, blah blah?

Mind cannot figure this one out, but mind can be open, available, receptive.

“Me” is like a clenched fist, a constant effort we call “normal”.

What to do?

Relax and read it again freshly.

We are reading words, seemingly outward,
but the words themselves are secondary.

The “me” voice is convincing, so far it succeeded to keep most of us trapped.

It might feel scary to detect and question my own beliefs, but how else to mature?

Life not as a problem, but the most precious gift ❤️

For “me” the quiet joy of being is rather boring or even scary.

Our true nature is always whole and complete, but we overlook it in favor of thinking and excitement.

Is soaking in presence an acquired taste?

Alone I was stuck in my me-bubble.

It takes living, loving friends to detect/release faulty thinking (10%) and muscle-memory (90%):

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