Giving myself inner space.

Emotional bravery 🐣

We are the current wave of humanity.

  • Since four years I am meeting at the GardenOfFriends.com with truth-lovers, 3 times a week for 2 hours, via Zoom.
  • Dedicated to the transition from person to Presence, in a non-dogmatic loving way, I acknowledge the power of in-team-a-see.com. To come together, to walk the talk, to agree to disagree; in an atmosphere of forgiveness and emotional bravery.
  • I feel the strong gentle pull to powerfully team with you, to nurture and inspire the CenterForArtAndEducation.com in you and me.
  • To celebrate Life, to be practical and to share our lived understanding.
  • On a practical level I welcome the potential to live together with a few dedicated friends in walking-distance, to incubate and manifest a Public Benefit Company as a hub to anchor mind in Presence, to support a positive shift in our individual and collective narratives.
  • Elon Musk flies to Mars, and we debunk suffering on this most amazing abundant planet earth; in fresh and new ways.
  • I, Holger Hub-bs, feel shamelessly capable to think, feel and intuit together with you ways and means to let the imprisoned splendor escape; in loving, generous, intelligent ways that bypass the resistance of the “me”-belief that is the root of all human unhappiness, lack and cruelty.
  • Technically this body-mind is currently homeless, after a loving, peaceful separation from my ex-wife and daughter (13).
  • Life is powerfully working in ways “I don’t know”.
    Thank you for your trust and support!
  • I see myself more as a lover than a worker.
    It seems that in this world some people have the money and others have the creativity.
    I humbly welcome yOur collaboration:

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